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New video from the "Illuminations" album.

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Bill Mumy Illuminates His Music Talents With New Album, Illuminations

Issue 3 has arrived!

Hi diddle dee dee, an actor's life for me...

There's a heavy price to pay when bringing a character to life, some might even call it... a curse. Ask iconic sci fi actor Bill Mumy.  The Illuminati... secret Nazi moon base... the Akashic Records... a ghost boy... all this and Row Bot too. 

 "The Curse of the Mumy" - an original new series created and written by Bill Mumy. Read it or be sent to the cornfield.

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Until The Big Bang Whimpers


Bill Mumy: Until the Big Bang Whimpers

Also available through Amazon

Very Limited Release

THANK YOU KINDLY, a Kingston Trio tribute CD Bill recorded in an attempt to honor Bob's amazing band that inspired him to become a musician many moons ago. It's not an "official" GRA release, but a limited number of copies have been made by the label and will be available thru the fanclub. To order or for more info email Glennda at Mumyclub@aol.com  - Sold on a first come basis.

Wesley Britton reviews Thank You Kindly at Blogcritics


Hi there, Mumy (that's Moo-me) here. Welcome to my official website. The year 2012 marks the 53th anniversary of my professional acting career! Yikes! "What a long, strange trip itís been!"

So far, so good as far as Iím concerned. Iím still here, working in many different arenas of "showbiz."

It's a fine time to reflect back on the past and look ahead to the future, and this website is a good place to check out the past, present, and future of all things Mumy-like! SoÖ enjoy it. I do.

I check the guest book often and respond to questions posted there by posting answers in the guest book myself and adding sporadic updates with new info and photos. I appreciate the kind words you've written me. Thank you.

There's plenty of Mumy Music out there to be shared. I encourage you to go to Itunes, CDbaby, and Amazon to check out some of my work as downloads or full hard copy cd's. Thank you kindly.

Let's all try our best to take care of Mother Earth and all the living things on her. After all, for the time being anyway, Earth is the only planet we've got to call home.




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"I'm addicted to Claudia's "Babylon Confidential" book! So much I didn't know! As always, Claudia is bold, honest and willing to share. Buy it! As "Lennier" once said, "understanding isn't required, only obedience." -- Bill Mumy





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