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Ghosts The Best of Bill Mumy

1  Always Open 3:58 New Recording (2003)
2 She'll Never Know 3:43 Pandora's Box (2000)
3 The Climb 3:23In The Current (1999)
4 You Were There 3:07After Dreams Come True (2001)
5 Yes, You In The Blue 2 5:14Dying To Be Heard (1997)
6 Woe, The Lover's Tune 4:49Pandora's Box (2000)
7 Nero's Fiddle 4:04Dying To Be Heard (1997)
8 Take It Back 3:20 New Recording (2003)
9 The Dog That Caught The Car 3:55After Dreams Come True (2001)
10 Can't Win This Game 4:34In The Current (1999)
11 Pandora's Box 3:49Pandora's Box (2000)
12 Taken By The Light 3:50After Dreams Come True (2001)
13 Done Me Little Good 3:45Pandora's Box (2000)
14 Dave Guard's Up 1:53After Dreams Come True (2001)
15 It's Not The Same 2:59In The Current (1999)
16 The Recalcitrant Princess4:32 New Recording (2003)
17 Dying To Be Heard 3:35Dying To Be Heard (1997)
18 I Don't Know You 3:10In The Current (1999)
19 Just A Drop Of Rain In The Ocean 3:09 New Recording (2003)
20 The Great Domain 3:13 New Recording (2003)
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Bill Mumy at Lumania Studio, 1996-2003.
All instruments and vocals performed by Bill Mumy
except Vibes and Marimba keyboard on "The Recalcitrant Princess" by Liliana Mumy.
Photography & design by Angela Cartwright
Compilation production and mastering by Matthew Beckly at FauxRock Studios.

© So Boss Music - ASCAP
Distributed by Renaissance Records, Tuscon, AZ

Thanks to Holly for transcribing lyrics.