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The first all new CD from Barnes and Barnes in 18 years
 Opbopachop now at CD Baby

Barnes and Barnes. A spectacular one of a kind duo. A handsome pair. Art and Artie. The original "2 friends with a 4 track" artists. Mostly dormant for 18 years. Semi-retired. They had released only a few new sporadic songs in all that time. They also digitized and reissued all their past work and released it in the new millennium. Most people had long given up on them. No one thought they would ever make that long rumored "comeback" album of ALL new material that they threatened to make over the years. Only the "Hardcore 9" fans truly believed it could happen. But then again, Barnes and Barnes were always full of surprises. Could they make the impossible happen?

Yes! The impossible HAS happened BIG time! "OPBOPACHOP" is here! It exists. In one short five week creative burst of spontaneous combustion in 2008, the boys returned to their Lumania studio, anxious to see where the muse would take them. It took them on a wondrous 15 song journey. Each song turned out to represent a piece of where the boys heads were at, now that they've hit "middle age". Although not a concept album, when all was said and done, there is a very cohesive feel to this project, which possibly contains the best music and lyrics B & B have ever written!

The tracks cover many subjects: The deaths and dying of mothers, fathers, brothers, and dogs. Changes. Marriages and child rearing. Coming of age and aging itself. And dare we say the word? Maturity... Oh, the album still contains plenty of odd humor, quirky and bent fantasies, and general weirdness which has always been the norm for Barnes and Barnes. But upon completion, there is a oneness to the overall textures and calm frenzy of this album. And it's a nice feeling. Perhaps it's a shrug of resignation. Unsettling at times, but...nice. Familiar. Warm and comforting. Again, a sort of sweet resignation to their fates. And sometimes the acceptance of fate and change ain't such a bad thing.

"OPBOPACHOP" by Barnes and Barnes. Listen to it and learn more truths about life that you haven't yet considered. And some things you maybe never wanted to consider---
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