Art & Artie performed an acoustic set at the 2005 B.O.R.E.D. tour, June 11, 2005 at the Player's Second Stage Theater, California State University Long Beach.

B&B and Toaster Grant Baciocco



Art & Artie are joined in a rousing chorus of Fish Heads by Dr. Demento and Lumanian Junior Cheese Inspector Glee Club members Seth, Ian & Wynn.  

The evening ends with the induction of Barnes & Barnes and Dr. Demento into the Comedy Music Hall of Fame.


Well, you never know what's going to happen in this life. I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover Robert was actually willing to perform a live Barnes and Barnes set as headlining act of the B.O.R.E.D. tour when we were asked by Grant of Throwing Toasters who hosted the event. I was even more surprised when "a few songs" became a full 15 song career spanning set.

The event was sold out and it went great. We were both nervous, but there were no trainwrecks and it sounded swell.

Thanks to Grant and everyone who worked the event; sound, lights, box office, etc. Thanks to the immortal wonderful Dr. Demento for coming out and giving us a fantastic introduction and for being there with us as we and he were inducted into the Comedy Music Hall of Fame. Barnes and Barnes would be nothing without Dr. D.

And of course thanks to everyone who showed up and cheered us on!

Who knows what's next? Maybe we'll actually really record a new album one of these days!