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After Dreams Come True
Written, performed, recorded and mixed
by Bill Mumy at Lumania Studio.

01 You Were There3:07
02 Friend of Mine 3:38
03 As Good As It Gets 4:10
04 Walking That Road 2:23
05 Passion Fades 3:14
06 The One Who Flirted With Disaster  3:46
07 Dave Guard's Up 1:53
08 Watch Out For The Fall 3:49
09 Can't Go Back In Time 4:00
10 Driving Without Any Brakes 3:35
11 After Dreams Come True 4:28
12 The Dog That Caught The Car3:55
13 Too Good To Be Mine 3:32
14 Taken By The Light3:52
15 The First Day Of School  4:15


  I Won't Make No Money From This Song  
 ©2001 So Boss Music - ASCAP
Manufactured and distributed by Oglio Records, Redondo Beach CA
Mastered Bob Fisher at Pacific Multimedia Corp.
Photography by Angela Cartwright.

Thanks to Holly for transcribing the lyrics.