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Lost, But Not Really

Banjo Breeze (Mumy)
A July breeze
Itís a calling me
Ghost towns ahead
Singing through the trees
Winter times keep a rolling across my mind
The choir in the church singing hymns of a light God shines
Well I past through my pa's town
Just old folks kicking around
Lost dog on the corner
Waitin' to be found
Beer can at my feet
I kick it down the street
It landed in the hands of old banjo pickiní Sam

Some do say he is 102
Plays on his banjo and he sings a song for you
I never heard him go wrong
But no one listened to his song

When I left and went my way
I could hear old Sam play
Something about his home
Living all alone
Something about his home
Living all alone


words and music by Bill Mumy
© So Boss Music  Ascap