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Lost, But Not Really

You Didn't Say That Was Wrong  (Gordon/Mumy)

I'm a player in the marching band
You can listen to my song
And if you don't feel the tune is right
Then you don't have to sing along

I'd be happy with your company
So very few people go this way
And no
You don't have to stay
Any time you like you may go

People like sometimes to see me dance
They throw a quarter in my drum
And maybe later
They might see me run
Just from what they'll never know

You didn't mention how you really felt
But I never told you to be free
And now it's comin' back to me
You didn't say that was wrong

The band's begun to play that tune
Your favorite special song
Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
I only wanted to be friends with you
You didn't say that was wrong

They all left to see the football game
They took the children and went home
And as the crowd began to disappear
They left the band to play alone


words and music by Bill Mumy and Paul Gordon
So Boss Music Ascap and Paul Gordon music  Ascap