A collaboration of 5 "Babylon 5" cast members displaying their musical talents: Bill Mumy, Andreas Kastulas, Peter Jurasik, Claudia Christian, Mira Furlan and also featuring Pat Tallman on two tracks.  A bluesy/jazzy/ rock must for fans of Babylon 5.  All songs written or co-written by Bill.  Cover photograph by Henry Diltz. 

Two versions of this CD exist. The first was a limited edition of 2500 and only available through the convention appearances of the performers.  A second version of the disk was created for general release in  mid July of 1999 with an eighteen page booklet that included liner notes from Claudia, Mira, Peter, Andreas  and Bill. There is no difference between the disks themselves.

1 Tell Me How     (5:13, ensemble)
2 If You Want Candy     (3:18, lead vocal: Claudia Christian)
3 When You Were By My Side     (3:48, lead vocal: Peter Jurasik)
4 I Don't Know Who You Are     (3:24, lead vocal: Mira Furlan)
5 High On The Strength Of Your Love     (4:05, lead vocal: Bill Mumy)
6 How Was I To Know     (4:53, lead vocal: Andreas Katsulas)
7 Lovely In Loveland     (4:23, lead vocal: Claudia Christian)
8 Might Be You     (3:15, lead vocal: Bill Mumy)
9 The Touch Of Your Hand     (4:54, lead vocal: Mira Furlan)
10 Can't Imagine Blues     (3:08, lead vocal Andreas Katsulas)
11 Put It On Down     (4:02, lead vocal: Peter Jurasik)
  It's Just A TV Show     (4:27, ensemble)

Released by: Renaissance
Release date: 1998/1999
Total running time: 48:52